Aaron 13 / 45 Cu Ft Sigma Blade Mixer Extruder

Aaron 13" / 45 Cu Ft Sigma Blade Mixer Extruder

Stock Number: 1128006

Mfg: Aaron

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Mix Chamber Size48" x 48" x 48"
Mix Chamber Dimensions48" W x 54" L x 48" D
Discharge Motor75 HP A/C
Discharge Screw OD13"
Electrical Requirements3ph, 460 V

Equipped With:
Steel Construction w/ Jacketed Chamber
Benshaw "Soft Start" Reduced Voltage Starter (Model RDB6276A5C), Rated 200 HP @ 480 V, 100 HP @ 230 V
K-Plus Motortronics Variable Frequency Control (Model KP1-430), 380-480 V 50/60 Hz Input, 390-480 V 1-180 Hz 40 kVA 42 A Output
Morgan Gearbox (S/N: MP-144), 29.92:1 Ratio, 600 RPM Max Input, 456,000 Peak Torque
Fincor SCR Motor Control (Model 3160M)
Olsun Isolation Transformer, 93 kVA, 460-460Y-266
Mixer Motor Not Available
Previously Used Mixing Asphalt, Mica, Limestone Combination

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Aaron 13 / 45 Cu Ft Sigma Blade Mixer Extruder
G-2000 Inc.
1354 E. Broadway
Toledo, OH 43605

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