Paint & Wash Systems machine and equipment from ACME and more for sale.


Paint & Wash Systems Machines and Equipment

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Stock Number


2301017 20' W x 17' H x 40' L Scuff, Sand & Prep Booth
2400217 2012 Billco Versa Clean Glass Washer
1903718 24" Jenfab 3-Stage Stainless Steel Belt Washer
1500113 3-Stage Stainless Steel Industrial Parts Wash Line
2225217 4-Stage Dunnage Wash Systems, Wash, Blow-off, Rust Inh
2200216 5-Stage SBS Stainless Steel Washer
1700217 ADF Systems Parts Washer
1525215 Acme Belt Parts Washer and Continental Dryer
1705118 Cincinnati 6-Stage Stainless Steel Belt Washer/Dryer
1310219 Crest Optimum Ultrasonic Cleaning System, Model: OC5-1218-HE
1401512 Crystal Clean Parts Washer, Model AL80
1201812 Graymills Parts Washer w/ Hood
2412317 Inline parts washer
1900815 JRI Industries MCCS-4000E 4-stage Aqueous Dunnage Washer
1930217 PCS Pultrusion Powder Coat Line
2210418 Roto-Clean Nat. Gas Parts Washer 22' Length x 15" Dia Barrel

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