Saws machine and equipment from HEM, KASTO and more for sale.


Saws Machines and Equipment

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Stock Number


1400119 13" x 14" Kasto Win A 3.3 CNC Bandsaw
0302518 40" Wagner #KV6, cold saw
0100418 9" x 17" W.F. Wells Model W9 Horizontal Bandsaw
1204012 Craftsman 24" Scroll Saw
2315118 Dewalt Saw
1600228 Hem 20" x 27" Horizontal Automatic Bandsaw, Model: F130HA-DC
2200918 Hem 30" x 25" H160LA-DC Double Column Horizontal Saw
1400319 Kasto #BBS1260/1560 Plate Saw
1300319 Marvel 81A/10 Vertical Bandsaw
2430118 Metlsaw Model: NF1214-T6, 12' Automatic Plate Saw
0288812 Motch & Merryweather Model 00-G 14" Cold Saw
0288912 Motch & Merryweather Model 00-G 14" Cold Saw

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